New Project: Hoosick Water

New Project: Hoosick Water


New Project:

Hoosick Falls Water Project



In the rural upstate NY community of Hoosick Falls, NY, clean drinking water is finally within reach, after years of contamination by industrial discharge. 

Project: Hoosick Falls Water Project
Location: Hoosick Falls, New York, and the Hoosic River
Client: LAND Remediation

Why it Matters: 

Toxic, cancer-causing PFOA chemicals have contaminated the Hoosic River for years, discharged by the industrial giants Honeywell and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

The contamination reached the drinking water of the 4500 residents of the village, with some saying they had seen abnormal number of ailments including thyroid disorders and rare cancers.

A new water system will consist of a new set of wells south of the village and a water transmission line along public rights of way  to supply water to Hoosick Falls residents.



Aerial photo over tree farm, with trees in bloom and mountains in the background

Hoosick Falls, New York, lies in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, near the Massachusetts border. Toxic PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, was found in the drinking water nearly a decade ago, but a new project will tap and transmit clean water for the village.

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Remote Area Medical Moves On

Remote Area Medical Moves On










Moving On:

Remote Area Medical in Wise, Virginia 





After years of bringing free medical, dental and vision services to the Appalachian communities around Wise, Virginia, the Remote Area Medical (RAM) expedition moves on.


people of appalachia waiting in line for medical care

Waiting in line in the early morning for medical and dental care. Uninsured patients stand in long lines — some arriving the night before and sleeping in cars — to receive fillings, medications and check-ups.




The first time I covered the Remote Area Medical Expedition to Appalachia, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Children in their pajamas, sleeping in cars. Emergency medical treatments in the sheep barn of the Wise, Virginia county fairgrounds. Teens getting full-mouth extractions in the dental tent. Exhausted doctors, dentists, nurses working from sun-up to sundown. It reminded me of a MASH unit, deployed in a mountain town in the United States. 

Those were the early years of the RAM’s Wise expeditions. Taking place over one long weekend in July, the expedition involved hundreds of doctors, dentists, audiologists, optometrists, and logistics personnel working out of the barns, tents and stables of the county fairgrounds. Volunteer healthcare workers came from all over the country to donate their services and, for university students, to work on the front lines of the uninsured crisis in America. 

I’ve covered the expeditions for years, first as an enterprise self-assignment, then for the University of Virginia, Getty and The New York Times. I met a lot of good people . Many of them slept in their cars in order to secure medical and dental care the following day. I met a woman who used lemon oil to dull the pain in her teeth. Full-mouth extractions in young men and women — some not even out of their teens — were called “a rite of passage” by dentists who came from all over the country.



black and white photo of man in t-shirt in appalachia

A medium format camera with black-and-white film allowed me to approach people waiting for medical and dental care. Mostly I found them to be kind, open to talking and being photographed and telling their stories.


The southwest corner of Virginia still faces significant healthcare challenges. Black lung disease from coal mining remains prevalent. Most alarmingly, an advanced stage, progressive massive fibrosis appears to be on the rise. 

But I recently learned that, in 2020, the expedition did not return to Wise for the first time in 20 years. The reason? Virginia has expanded the Medicaid eligibility for thousands of people in the area, and so the long lines that used to wrap around the livestock barns have dwindled in recent years. 

That’s a good thing. And RAM has moved on, bringing its army of volunteers to other communities in need across the United States.




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  • CERTIFIED: SBA-certified WOSB, New York State- and City-certified WBE, and Port Authority certified DBE
  • REGISTERED: SAM & ORCA. Experienced in Federal Government contracting.
  • DUNS: 839898728.
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