Progress Photography Services

When your contract calls for multi-phase photo and video progress documentation, Allman Environmental Services Photography delivers reliable and affordable results.


  • Progress
  • Pre- and Post-
  • Key plans
  • 8K Ultra Slow Motion
  • Backcountry photography
  • Dual-Operator 8-Rotor Drone for 50mp photos
  • Hyperlapse videography
  • All printing services in-house
  • Quick turnaround

Progress Photography and Videography

When your contract calls for preconstruction, progress and final completion photography and/or videography, we’re here.

Even when a contract doesn’t specify precon photos, documenting site conditions before the work begins is also a good idea — your “visual insurance policy”. We’ll give you a documented and verifiable overview of the project site before any demolition starts. Aerial photography and/or videography is typically part of the package, at no extra cost.

Should you require monthly, weekly or even twice-weekly progress at regular intervals, we can do that, no matter where you’re located or how challenging the environment.

The size of our projects ranges from stream and pond restorations to billion-dollar coastal resiliency projects.  We’ve walked miles and miles (and miles) of transmission line projects, and photographed small ADA accessibility improvements. We’ve worked in correctional facilities in the Northeast and on wildland firefighting projects in the Southwest. If it’s outside, we’re in!

And if you need it “yesterday”, we can make that happen, too. A network of safety-trained, insured and FAA-licensed photographers and videographers helps us meet whatever scheduling challenges you may have.

Our 25+ years of photography and videography experience delivers your contract requirements, exactly as specified, every time. We’re reliable, affordable, and experienced.

Reach out to us at +1 (914) 653-6154. We look forward to working with you!



2023 Project Examples



A dam with water from a riverbed, taken during progress photography stage

Honk Falls Dam Removal and Rondout Creek Restoration

Once a lake, now a frisky river: The Rondout Creek is restored at (former) Honk Lake when the dam is lowered. On to the as-builts!


  • Location: Wawarsing, New York
  • Project Owner: NYC DEP
  • Client: A. Servidone/B. Anthony Construction
Eroded top of marble column under portico.

Miller-Fox Building, Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design

Restoration of the Miller and Fox buildings at Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design in Manhattan, and the thrill of scaffolding!


  • Location: Manhattan (Museum Mile)
  • Project Owner: Smithsonian Institution
  • Client: ICE
Aerial view of Lake Champlain with railroad tracks in foreground, blue lake and mountains in background

Champlain-Hudson Power Express

Documentation for the massive 6B project to help New York transition from fossil fuel to renewables. “The Most Powerful Project You’ll Never See.”


  • Location: Lake Champlain and region
  • Project Owner: CHPE
  • Client: Caldwell Marine International
Close up view of chain link fence and warning signs around substation.

Seven Substations

Preconstruction documentation (photo and video) for seven substations, part of a system-wide upgrade and move to renewable energy from fossil fuel.


  • Location: Confidential
  • Project Owner: Confidential
  • Client: Confidential
An aerial view of the Belt Parkway and distant Verrazzano Bridge at sunrise

Belt Parkway Improvements at the Verrazzano Bridge

Pre- and post-construction, progress documentation east of the Verrazzano Bridge in Brooklyn.


  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Project Owner: MTA
  • Client: Triumph Construction
Aerial view of progress photography at a dam, showing construction along lake's edge.

3 Dams at Shawangunk Lake

Photography and videography at three century-old Shawangunk Lake reservoir dams in Middletown, New York.


  • Location: Mount Hope, NY
  • Project Owner: City of Middletown
  • Client: A. Servidone/B. Anthony Construction