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It’s an art we have down to a science.


Documentary and progress videography and photography for construction, environmental projects and outdoor tourism promotion.

UAV (drone) services. Measurable 3D imagery. Time-lapse video. 360-degree VR.

And pictures that tell your story, beautifully.


Meet Your Diversity Goals

Allman Environmental Services Photography is a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) in New York State, NY City, and Oregon. We are a certified DBE and WBE with the Port Authority New Jersey-New York. We are a Certified Small Business Administration and EPA Small Business and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB and EDWOSB).



What Is Environmental Services Photography?

We document responsible human progress, one project at a time.

Simply put, environmental services photography focuses on the inspiring projects that are putting damaged ecosystems back together.

Environmental engineers and service companies are doing incredible, inspiring work every day: from dam removal, stream connectivity and fisheries restoration, to wastewater treatment plant upgrades, culvert resizing, park restoration, and everything in between.

Your projects focus on the restoration, rehabilitation and remediation of these environments. We capture them, beautifully: exceptional environmental, infrastructure and construction projects throughout the Northeast, and across the country. And we’re the nation’s only photo team that specializes in working for the environmental services.

Your signature projects tell the world who you are, and what you are capable of.

Whether you’re fulfilling the terms of a contract and satisfying pre-construction, progress and post-construction requirements, or in need of marketing materials, in-house deliverables or a social media image library, Allman Environmental Services Photography can provide quality, cost-effective services through hard work, creativity and collaboration, and going beyond your expectations.

We work in diverse — and sometimes challenging — environments.

Environmental services projects are carried out in all kinds of environments. We’re prepared. A safety-first culture and respect for what nature can throw at us — from extreme temperatures to underwater environments — is part of everything we do in the field.

Every team member is OSHA trained, and carried their own PPE (not to mention wetsuits, waders, and climbing gear).

We are fully insured and carry Worker’s Compensation coverage, as well as comprehensive drone coverage, general and professional liability insurance.



We love the outdoors, and build photo libraries to show off your amazing places.

At the heart of our business is a love of the outdoors. Whether you’re developing an image library for a trail, park, event or long-distance bike path, we’re more than ready and prepared for long hours in the field to bring back the best photos in the most vivid light.  



Our Latest Projects

Dam Rehabilitation, Catskills

Dam Rehabilitation, Catskills

Our latest documentation project: the partial removal of an old, high-hazard dam in the Catskills and stream restoration at Rondout Creek.

In the St. Lawrence Valley

In the St. Lawrence Valley

Abandoned cars, hunters’ blinds, posted signs and rustic shacks are part of the landscape along a transmission line’s right-of-way. Photos from a long-term contract.

Geotagging for Large Projects

Geotagging for Large Projects

Geotagged images can be easily placed on a project map, creating invaluable information when it comes to work over large geographical areas.

The Places We Go: Wadhams

The Places We Go: Wadhams

A bread company, a flume waterfall, and a renovated wastewater treatment facility in Wadhams, New York.

Genesee Valley Greenway

Genesee Valley Greenway

Photographing and filming the Genesee Valley Greenway, a 90-mile multi-use trail in Western New York, is one of this summer’s dream projects. Photos and video will help promote the trail to a wider Northeast biking and hiking public.

East Side Coastal Resiliency Project

East Side Coastal Resiliency Project

We’re proud to be part of the East Side Coastal Resiliency project, teaming up with Perfetto Contracting Co. to document this important infrastructure (and beautiful) flood protection project.







Outdoor Destinations


Our roots are in storytelling, and we’re drawn to film projects that promote outdoor destinations. Deep advance research, a dedicated project manager, and a roster of filmmakers, editors and assistants keep our approach aligned with your expectations.

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The elevated viewpoint from our UAVs is perfect for quality control and inspection, progress tracking and capturing unique, encompassing perspectives for captivating marketing projects.  


Twenty years’ photography experience makes us uniquely qualified to document your project, whether we’re shooting for progress documentation, photographing your field staff at work or showing off a special tourist destination. 


Showcase your environmental projects — dam removals, wetland restoration, forestry projects, renewable energy installations — from start to finish.









Complete technology solutions for documenting your infrastructure projects.



UAV/Drone Services

The latest DJI drone video and photography equipment.

Geotagged Images

The most up-to-date camera technology with geotagging and time/date stamping.

Time-Lapse Video

Time-lapse documentation of your project, from set-up and operation to final video.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Culvert Replacement
  • Before/After Photos
  • Dam Removal 
  • Progress Photo & Video
  • Outdoor Tourism Promotional Video
  • Training Video
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry Projects
  • Reefing Projects
  • Wastewater Treatment Projects