Before, During, After: 

Environmental & Construction Progress Photography and Videography.

It’s an art we have down to a science.


Documentary and progress photography and videography for construction, environmental restoration projects and outdoor tourism promotion. Geotagged, high-resolution images. UAV (drone) services. Time-lapse video. 360-degree VR.

And pictures that tell your story, beautifully.

Meet Your Diversity Goals.

Allman Environmental Services Photography holds WBE and DBE certifications for most states in the Northeast, and is a US Small Business Administration Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

logo of the small business administration  Allman Environmental Services Photography is certified as a New York State Division of Minority and Womens Business Development Women-Owned Business. Logo.                  



Environmental services photography focuses on the inspiring projects that are putting damaged ecosystems back together.

Your projects focus on the restoration, rehabilitation and remediation of these environments. We capture them, beautifully: exceptional environmental, infrastructure and construction projects throughout the Northeast, and across the country.

Your signature projects tell the world who you are, and what you are capable of.

Whether you’re fulfilling the terms of a contract and satisfying pre-construction, progress and post-construction requirements, or in need of marketing materials, in-house deliverables or a social media image library, Allman Environmental Services Photography can provide quality, cost-effective services through hard work, creativity and collaboration, and going beyond your expectations.

We work in diverse and challenging environments, and across great distances.

Environmental services projects are carried out in all kinds of environments. We’re prepared. A safety-first culture and respect for what nature can throw at us — from extreme temperatures to underwater environments — is part of everything we do in the field.

20 years of photojournalism experience puts the focus on the human face of your work.

When projects and landscapes look a little static, we find where the energy is. Usually, this means your people. Suzanne brings two decades of photojournalism experience with national publications, focussing on the faces behind your projects.



 Our Latest Projects

These stories will give you a better idea of what we do, our approach to a variety of projects, and how we can help tell your stories.

New Project: Hoosick Water

New Project: Hoosick Water

Years after toxic chemicals were found in the drinking water in Hoosick Falls homes, this project will bring clean water to the village via new wells and water main over the public right of way.

New Project: Fire Resiliency in Two Idaho National Forests

New Project: Fire Resiliency in Two Idaho National Forests

Allman Environmental Services Photography was awarded a two-year contract to document the forest resiliency work of the Southwest Idaho Landscape Project. The contract will take us to the Boise and Payette National Forests for the USDA Forest Service.

A Thank-You to our Clients in 2023

A Thank-You to our Clients in 2023

2023 was an outstanding year for environmental restoration and remediation projects across the US. We’re proud to have worked with some of the best!

Geotagging for Large (and Small) Projects

Geotagging for Large (and Small) Projects

In large environmental projects, geotagging photographs isn’t just about pinpointing pretty pictures – it’s about harnessing spatial intelligence. We geotag every photo we take.

Dam Removals: Woodlands Lake Dam, Ardsley NY

Dam Removals: Woodlands Lake Dam, Ardsley NY

Across the country, dam removal projects are leading the way in river restoration. In Ardsley, New York, removal of the Woodlands Lake Dam is freeing a section of the Saw Mill River.

Three Years Later: Lake Hudsonia Dam

Three Years Later: Lake Hudsonia Dam

Removing the Lake Hudsonia Dam would help restore the Hibernia Brook in Rockaway Township. Three years on, after demolition of the dam, here’s what the former impoundment area looks like.

Honk Falls, and a Free Rondout

Honk Falls, and a Free Rondout

We finish an 18-month project at Honk Lake, where the Honk Falls dam was lowered, removing the lake and restoring the free-running Rondout creek in the Catskills. A beautiful, cascading ravine catches the energetic falls.

Places We Go: The Champlain Hudson Power Express

Places We Go: The Champlain Hudson Power Express

Preconstruction work on the Champlain Hudson project is underway this month, just before black fly season in the Adirondacks. We’re working with Caldwell Marine International on this one.

My Mission

…is to make fulfilling your photography and videography requirements as simple, seamless and stress-free as possible.

An aerial view of a dam and stream, with sparse vegetation

Aerial Services

The elevated viewpoint from our UAVs is perfect for quality control and inspection, progress tracking and capturing unique, encompassing perspectives for captivating marketing projects.

a construction worker attaches rigging in New york City, during progress photography photo shoot.


Twenty years’ photography experience makes us uniquely qualified to document your project, whether we’re shooting for progress documentation, photographing your field staff at work or showing off a special tourist destination.

a female photographer in a winter field in the Catskill mountains of New York State

Where We Work

Allman Environmental Services Photography works in all different kinds of outdoor environments, wherever photography is needed — documenting  dam removals, wetland restoration, forestry projects, renewable energy installations — from start to finish.



Complete technology solutions for documenting your infrastructure projects.

UAV/Drone Services

The latest DJI drone video and photography equipment.

Geotagged Images

The most up-to-date camera technology with geotagging and time/date stamping.

Time-Lapse and Hyperlapse Videography

Time-lapse documentation of your project, from set-up and operation to final video.