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  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • 4K Ultra Slow Motion
  • Complete Production
  • Backcountry Filming
  • Dual-Operator 8-Rotor Drone

Film for Outdoor Destination Marketing

Our roots are in the outdoors, and that’s where we tell your best stories. Our videos are created to inspire travel and convey the exceptional qualities of your destination. In short, we make films that draws people to amazing places.

Our style is clean, modern, cinematic and approachable. It’s narrative, without looking staged or corny, and authentic without foregoing the tools of the trade that make for clean, steady shots. Our photographers and assistants are adventurous, have a healthy level of fitness for long days in the field, and are ready to go.

Authenticity. Art. And story is king.


What’s It Cost?

Video creation can be tailored to your needs. 

Sometimes, you just need clips. Say you have someone in-house who can put together a film “story”, but they lack the video assets to work with. We can do that, and it’s a great way to build film for your website — say, a 20-second landing page video. Hiring us to create a video library is an excellent approach if your budget doesn’t allow for a full-blown, edited final product. In fact, shooting for clips is something of a specialty with us. Our clients love it, because it gives them maximum flexibility for their budget, and clips can be deployed across a number of platforms — like still images.

But we do the longer stuff, too. And because editing takes a great deal of time back at the home office, it’s not inexpensive. You can expect a 60-second video to run over $3,000.00, depending on the amount and type of assets needed for the final project.

Wherever possible, we do what it takes to save you money. We love the outdoors, and camping while working on a film is pretty much a first choice, not a fall-back. We typically do not pass our travel expenses on to you, but include them in our price quotations. We work efficiently and often spend extra personal time in the field just to make sure we’re both happy with the final deliverables.

In short, we work with you as true collaborators, and are happy to discuss day rates or project rates. (We especially love non-profit, regional tourism and outdoor destination marketing projects, and welcome discussion about limited budgets!)


  • Short clips
  • Film “libraries”
  • Fully-edited films
  • Instructional video

Dedicated to Collaboration.

We believe there is nothing that calls for collaboration more than the film project. From deep research in the planning stage, to finding creative ways to stay within your budget while going the extra mile (or day) to get exactly what you have in mind – we do that. We see the importance of tapping into every bit of wisdom we can find. Then we use this information to tell your stories, creatively and sensitively.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that we are resolutely focused on exceeding your expectations, every time.


  • Social Media
  • Web
  • Broadcast
  • Interpretive Programming


  • Camera Personnel and Equipment
  • Utmost Flexibility to Meet Logistical Challenges
  • Long Days, Early Mornings
  • Strenuous Hiking!
  • Yes: We Can Do That.

Filmmaking is Experience.

At its best, our films convey not just how it looks to be in a place but, more importantly, how it feels. This sometimes means slowing down, finding focus, and giving our senses time to take in the richness of a place, a personality, or a moment. Creative vision and a storytellers’ sense can transform even the most mundane scenes and experiences, and we strive for that, every day.

And in the end, that’s really what we take from our experiences in the outdoors: not what we saw, but how it made us feel.

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