Outdoor Recreation and Parks

If it’s outdoors, we’re in. We’re hikers, cyclists, campers, paddlers as well as photographers. Long hours in the field, long driving distances to get to your project? No problem. We go there.

What We Do

Photography and Videography

Trails, races, paddlesports, long-distance treks; parks and events.


Overhead perspectives show parks, trails and waterways in their broader context

Time-Lapse Videography

Night sky time-lapse; evokative cloud movement or sunrise. Time-lapse enhances a sense of wonder at the natural world.

Appealing and wild outdoor places attract people to live and work, and draw businesses to your area.  Outdoor recreation keeps populations healthy and happy, and contributes to property values.  If you have walking trails, bike paths, waterways or wild places, these are great places to start showing off the natural beauty of your city or countryside.

We photograph outdoor places from the inside. That is, we bike the trails, hike the paths, stay overnight in the woods. We paddle your water trails and try the food we photograph. Because ultimately our photographs and films strive to show not just what a place looks like, but what it feels like to be there. And shooting from the inside ensures we do that.

And because we are constantly trying to find ways to save your agency money, the cost to you is probably a lot lower than what’s you’d expect.

Let us spend time on your trails and in your backcountry, to bring back beautiful pictures of your spectacular places.