Certified: Wildfire Behavior

Certified: Wildfire Behavior


Allman Environmental Services Photography LLC was recently awarded a 3-year BPA contract to cover wildland fires and wildland fire-related activities in the American West, Southwest and Alaska. The photography and videography will support the Bureau of Land Management, under the Department of the Interior, in their efforts to tell the story of wildland fire work to the public.

To prepare for the work in these challenging environments, New York Wildfire & Incident Management Academy in Southampton, New York provided the training, under the magnanimous direction of Willy Cirone (pictured with bunny ears). 




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We’re always training and always learning. If you have a job that requires photography in challenging or dangerous environments for which specialized training is needed, we’re happy to get the needed certification.


  • CERTIFIED: SBA-certified WOSB, New York State- and City-certified WBE, and Port Authority certified DBE
  • REGISTERED: SAM & ORCA. Experienced in Federal Government contracting.
  • DUNS: 839898728.
  • CERTIFIED: S-130/190, L-180 for wildland and basic firefighting
  • We accept all government agency purchase orders and credit cards.