East Side Coastal Resiliency Project:

Setting the Gate





This week, our work continued at the East Side Coastal Resiliency project in lower Manhattan. Perfetto Construction Corp. sets the first of 18 massive steel gates designed to hold back the flood waters of rising sea level storm events. New York City, February 22.

About the picture: A Bay Crane worker tests and adjusts the rigging connecting a 32-ton steel floodgate to the crane that will hoist it into position, the first of 18 floodgates to be set in the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project in lower Manhattan. It takes several people to attach the crane rigging to the massive floodgate, which arrived in a horizontal position and had to be lifted off the truck bed. Before it’s lifted, the rigging has to be tested several times. It was a long wait in the chilly February air blowing off the East River, but finally the gate was hoisted and set onto its hinges, the way a regular door is hung. Just heavier.

The project is the largest resiliency project in the United States. With a series of berms, floodgates and walls, the 1.45 billion-dollar project will protect more than 100,000 residents from storm surges and rising sea level.

a crane and rigging prepare to hoist a massive steel gate in a black and white picture

Preparing to hoist the floodgate. A Bay Crane and rigging would lift the gate into the vertical position; workers would lower it onto its hinges.


The project also improves the landscape and parks of the East Side, adding playgrounds, paths, raised parks, ballfields and gardens. The next big milestone for the project will be the Asser Levy Playground, which will include floodgates and flood walls integrated into the playground’s landscape.

This is a massive, $302,000 contract for us, involving thousands of prints and many visits over the four-year span of the project. 

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