The Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project

The Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project

When It Has To Be Done:

The Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project

This is one of the bigger projects we’ve undertaken — at least, in backcountry miles traveled on foot.

We’re working for Michels Power, providing the photography and videography services for the massive, $294-million Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project

86 miles of power line right-of-way wind through backcountry Adirondacks and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Valley. And because the towers braid areas of sensitive wildlife and protected species, a wheeled vehicle is a no-go. We go on foot from here.

This is one of those logistical knots that needs to be unpicked every day, and every piece of preparatory equipment needs to come along, because if you hit a deep body of water, you have to have a plan.

We pack an inflatable kayak in the backpack, hip waders and boots, gaiters, bug spray for the black fly season. We use a drone for overhead videography, Canon 7Ds to record our GPS position and direction of view, and a Spyder mount for the on-road videography. 

And we pack food — lots of it — for ten-mile stretches in the backcountry.

Photographing and filming in the wetlands of the Saint Lawrence Valley, in Upstate New York.

The flooded right-of-way along the Moses-Adirondack Smart Path project. The path connects wetlands, rocky outcroppings, farmers’ fields and woodlands as it charts a 86-mile course through Upstate New York. On paper it’s daunting. But our motto — “It Has To Be Done” — sums up our approach to the big jobs that take us through wilderness areas, most often on foot.

The Project

The Smart Path project is New York Power Authority’s step toward rebuilding and strengthening the 86 miles of transmission lines that stretch from the St. Lawrence Valley to the central Adirondack region. When the Power Authority acquired the transmission lines in 1950, the supports were built using two- and three-pole wooden structures, designed to last a few years. Now, decades later, the project calls for replacing these old (charming, but old) supports with steel monopoles. 

The entire effort, to be completed in 2023, will help meet the state’s clean energy goals of 50 percent renewables by 2030.


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